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Philippians 4:16

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Equipping Disciples | Redeeming Culture

As a Patriot Partner, you will make a consistent and vital impact on our mission to equip disciples through exemplary education.

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Patriot Partners

By supporting the Open Door Christian Schools Annual Fund with a monthly recurring gift, the Patriot Partners giving community provides the school flexibility to confidently plan and respond to its greatest needs in order to provide an exemplary, Christ-centered education.

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Every Gift | Any amount

Every gift to the Annual Fund allows for curriculum enrichment and innovation, staff retention, professional development, or building and classroom enhancements. Any amount given to this fund enhances our ability to provide an exemplary, Christ-centered education.

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why give monthly?

Monthly gifts offer a convenient, budget-friendly way to support equipping disciples. Patriot Partners also receive a welcome packet, special access, and exclusive community benefits while making a lasting impact on a future generation.

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  • Budget-friendly gifts process automatically.
  • Cancel anytime!
  • Efficient and effective for you AND Open Door Christian Schools.


  • Meet and encourage others while strengthening your partnership at exclusive Patriot Partner events.
  • Grow your faith and impact.

Special Access

  • Members-only website with access to resources and giving portal to manage your gifts
  • Presidential Library access - 1 for you, 1 for a friend
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Below are a few tangible ways you can love your neighbor and affirm the value of Christian education


$5 per month

Could provide a student with Bible curriculum for a year

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$25 per month

Could provide classroom equipment or tech enhancements

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$150 per month

Could provide for a coach or director for an extracurricular

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Every gift, any amount, impacts our ministry of equipping disciples and redeeming culture.


Q. How can I become a Patriot Partner?

A. Patriot Partners is a monthly giving community of Open Door Christian Schools. You can securely enter the monthly amount and payment information by clicking here or call our business office 440-326-2357. It’s convenient, budget friendly, you can cancel at any time, and you will know that your gift support equipping disciples.

Q. Is my gift safe and confidential?

A. Absolutely! All of our donation processing is securely processed and PCI compliant.

Q. Can I change my monthly gift amount?

A. Yes, you can change your amount at any time. Simply visit the online portal, call 440-326-2357, email, or write to us at 8287 W. Ridge Rd, Elyria, OH. 44035. We will be happy to promptly make any changes you request.

Q. How will I keep records of my monthly gifts?

A. While your monthly credit card statement will show the amount and date of your gift, as a Patriot Partner, you will also have access to a secure portal where you can update your information and monitor your giving history. In addition, each January you’ll receive a letter from us detailing the dates and amounts of all your contributions throughout the preceding year.

Q. Will I still get news about Open Door Christian Schools?

A. Yes! You will receive regular updates on the ministry of Open Door Christian Schools.